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ESD Loss Adjuster Program

Allianz ESD Loss Adjuster Program assists SME's in the following areas:

  • Small Business


Putting in place strategies that not only prioritise each business’ survival but also create opportunities for it to thrive against the odds.

  • Small Business 


Designed for startups with limited to no understanding of the sales, marketing and finance functions.

  • Sales training &

       Sales Coaching

The understanding of the sales process and maintaining a healthy pipeline is a key contributor to a business’ success.

  • Marketing & Content Strategy


Effective marketing and content drive awareness, cultivate brand credibility, build trust among target buyers and provide value to audiences.

  • Finance Training & Finance Coaching

Entrepreneurs need to build strong financial functions in order to make informed and effective decisions with all of their resources.

  • HR / Legal

Assisting SME's with guidance and insight around HR/Legal requirements.

  • ICT & System Support

Making sure your IT systems are in line with your objectives to ease

the process of decision making and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

  • Personal Development

Assist small business owners  in developing more self-awareness, developing habits, and taking continuous action.

  • Systems & Processes

Enabling small businesses to grow more effectively and give the owners an opportunity to work on the business and not in it.

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